Dog Grooming in North Myrtle Beach

Pleasant pampering for your pet

At Sandy Paws we understand how hard it is to find a dog or cat groomer you like and trust.  A place that is a good fit for you and your pet.  A grooming salon that listens to your requests and caters to your pet’s individual grooming needs.

Our grooming staff consists of dedicated animal lovers with over 40 years combined experience in the art 
of pet grooming and styling. 
Cat grooming in North Myrtle Beach, NC
 provide each of our four-legged friends a comfortable, low stress, personal and professional grooming experience that "super stores” are unable to provide.  We focus on giving our clients consistent, quality service and knowledge of your pet’s grooming and hygienic needs.  We are able to work with any fears or behavioral challenges that your pet displays when going to a groomer and turn it into a positive experience.

Our dog and cat grooming process take approximately 1 to 4 hours depending on the size, breed, condition and temperament of your pet. We like to take the time to ensure a low stress experience for your pet by allowing for rest time during the process. Our goal is to give your pet the most comfortable grooming experience possible so they look forward to their next treatment.  Our hand scissoring and drying skills give your dog or cat a show quality look. We can help you maintain your pet’s hygiene with our experience and knowledge.  Our grooming shop is an open and highly visible grooming area for you to observe the grooming process. 

                                                              All “full grooming” services include:
North Myrtle Beach Pet Grooming

Full body haircut and hand scissor styling
Shampoo and moisturizing conditioning treatment
Sanitary clip of pads of feet and private areas
Thorough brush-out and de-shedding, “Furminator”
Complete hand blow dry
Trimming of nails
Removal of hair in ear canal
Cleaning of ears

“A La Carte” services:
Nail trimming
Teeth brushing
Nail filing/Grinding
Ear Cleaning
Express glands
Sanitary Shave/Clip
Face trim

We invite you to call us today & see what we mean when we say we provide the best grooming services and “pleasant pampering for your pet”