Pet Grooming in North Myrtle Beach
Welcome to Sandy Paws Pet Grooming where pet pampering is taken to a higher level.  
Deb and her staff bring over 40 years experience to North Myrtle Beach.  You'll notice the difference and your pet will love all the gentle, expert attention!

Come visit us on the North End in the Rose's Goodwill Shopping Center 
with easy access at the 33rd Street traffic light

Sandy Paws Pet Grooming.  Pleasant pampering for your pet!

Call for pet grooming in North Myrtle Beach

Dog grooming in North Myrtle Beach

The Sandy Paws Dog Groom

Our long haired breeds need a little extra TLC to keep their coats mat free and tidy. The Sandy Paws full service groom includes haircut, nail clip, ear cleaning, gland expression, shampoo, blow dry & brush.  All done. What a pretty pooch!


Cat grooming in North Myrtle Beach

Cat Grooming by Sandy Paws

Sometimes our long haired cats need a little help keeping their coat looking great. Whether it's a simple trim or a beautiful lion cut we love to help our local cats look their Sandy Paws best. What a great way to beat the NMB heat!

Pet grooming in North Myrtle Beach

Healthy & Happy Sandy Paws Pets

 Say goodbye to fleas, ticks & matting.  A great Sandy Paws grooming will leave your pet healthy, happy and beautiful.  Fido will be the envy of the dog park!  Fluffy will smell so good you'll want to bury your nose in her fur! They'll love it & so will you